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Katie Melua; Battle of the Bands; Theatre of the Silence; "Italy 2005: Quality and Lifestyle" Festival (07 Jun 2005)


Katie Melua's single, "The Closest Thing To Crazy", reached number ten in the UK singles charts in December 2003. Her album "Call Off The Search" reached number one the next month. She's on "The Works" tonight, talking to us about her career, and her music, and singing, live, "The Closest Thing to Crazy". You wouldn't know it to look at the pop charts but - apart from the highly visible Cantopop scene - Hong Kong boasts quite a few independent rock bands, even though they don't have many places to perform. Last Thursday the World Battle of the Bands kicked off here. We take a look at the competition, and the bands. Theatre of the Silence was set up five years ago by a group of hearing-impaired theatre artists. Since then the group has staged seven major productions. Its latest, "My Red Dress" is a political play that examines the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge. "Italy 2005: Quality and Lifestyle" aims to give Hong Kong a taste of Mediterranean arts and culture with the fashion, design, painting, sculpture, and music of Italy.

The Works
Publish Date: 
Tuesday, June 7, 2005
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