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The KCR and the MTR Merge; A Walled Village Bites the Dust; Easter - Not a Good Time for Rabbits (14 Apr 2006)


It's official: the Kowloon Canton Railway, and the Mass Transit Railway are to merge. Under the terms of the merger, announced on Tuesday, the MTR Corporation will be granted the service concession to operate the KCR system for 50 years. But why not an outright buyout? And is the merger the best deal for the Hong Kong public? The fate of Nga Tsin Wai Village, the only traditional walled village remaining in an urban area, has been decided. It is headed for the chopping block. Cheung Kong (Holdings) started buying land in the village almost 20 years ago. It already owns around 70%. The Urban Renewal Authority has been negotiating to persuade the villagers who own the remaining 30% to give up their property. The site will be redeveloped with high-rise buildings. Easter is not necessarily a good time for Easter Bunnies. Almost a hundred pet rabbits are dumped in Hong Kong every year. They've been found in parks, on hillsides and golf links, even in refuse bins. Others are not well looked after by their owners. They are cheap pets to buy, but owners often underestimate how complicated it can be to keep them, and they often don't want to pay vet bills.

The Pulse
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Friday, April 14, 2006
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