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Keeping Hong Kong Competitive; Legislators Study Public Service Broadcasting Overseas; Organ Donation - A Life and Death Decision (05 May 2006)


Stock market history was made on Wednesday, as the Hang Seng Index jumped to a new high, breaking through the 17,000-point barrier. But are we getting too complacent? That same day, in the Legislative Council a motion was rejected from accountancy representative Mandy Tam, asking the government to formulate measures to maintain Hong Kong's competitive edge. Last week's Audit Report on RTHK highlighted some of the problems faced when a media organisation tries to function as a civil service department. Members of Legco's ITB Panel recently returned from a trip to see what they can learn from public service broadcasting abroad. They say they were much inspired by the trip. In July, they'll present a report to the public, the administration and the public service broadcasting review committee. They say there's a lot Hong Kong can learn from overseas models. Almost 1,900 people are on the waiting list for organ transplants in Hong Kong. 1,300 of those people need kidneys, 400 need corneas. Last year, 214 corneas were harvested from cadavers, but only 25 donors for kidneys could be found. We talk to some on the waiting list, some who have received organs, and to one woman whose loss has helped three people to a new lease of life.

The Pulse
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Friday, May 5, 2006
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