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Keeping Order in Legco; Trouble on the Line - The Express Rail Link; Internationalising Hong Kong's Education System - but not Enough Places for Locals (23 Oct 2009)


There were some angry scenes during both the Policy Address and the Q & A session in the Legislative Council last week, but how fair is the Legco secretariat being when handling what some call robust debate and others call irresponsible behaviour. It'll get you to Guangzhou in 48 minutes, should you wish to go there. And it'll cost just $180, but the price to be paid by Hong Kong taxpayers for the Express Rail Link is going to be a lot more than that. In the Policy Address last week the Chief Executive announced that Hong Kong was steaming ahead to becoming an international educational hub. In the meantime, many Hong Kong students are facing great difficulties finding places at local universities.

The Pulse
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Friday, October 23, 2009
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