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[Knife attack on a Hong Kong journalist and the financial secretary's much-criticised budget] (02 Mar 2014)


This program would discuss the attack on a journalist, and the financial secretary's budget with Mr. Albert Chan (People Power Legislator) and Mr. Walter Tsui (Middle Class Alliance). For the attack on a journalist Mr. Lau, Chun-to recently, Mr. Chan thinks the political violence in Hong Kong has increased since Mr. C. Y. Leung became Chief Executive. On the other hand, Mr. Tsui thinks the attack links to freedom of speech. For the Budget, Mr. Chan thinks there are two main issues cannot be seen from the Budget. First is the financial or economic issues that the ways to help stimulating the economy or employment. Second is use of budget to redistribute wealth fairly. And both of them think Hong Kong government do not have foreseeable figures on the budgets. Besides, they all believed the number of tourism should be reduced since Hong Kong cannot absorb huge number of tourism

Publish Date: 
Sunday, March 2, 2014
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