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Latin Passion - the Poet Pablo Neruda; Latin Passion - Cuban Singer Omara Portuondo; Il Divo in Hong Kong; Master Drummer Simon Phillips in the Studio (25 Oct 2005)


The Latin Passion festival, which opened last week features music, dance, and literary arts, and no celebration of Latin American literary arts would be complete without some mention of the great Chilean poet and nobel laureate Pablo Neruda. Neruda is represented in both drama (The Postman) and poetry recital. Omara Portuondo, who came to international prominence after the Buena Vista Social Club CD, has been called a Cuban Billy Holiday. She launched her career in the mid-1940s as a cabaret dancer at the Tropicana, then as a singer with Orquesta Anacaona. In the 1950s and 1960s she became the definitive interpreter of "filin" (feeling), a sentimental Cuban-tinged blend of jazz and bossa nova. She was in Hong Kong last week for a concert, and sat down to talk to The Works. The group, "Il Divo", is the brainchild of Simon Cowell, the famously harsh judge on the reality television show "American Idol". Cowell searched worldwide for two years before finding the faces and voices to match his concept. The group finally came together in 2003. The singers are American, French, Spanish, and Swiss. Their forte is relatively middle-of-the road pop performed in a semi-operatic style. And we end with drums! Simon Phillips has performed with The Who, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, The Corrs, Roxy Music, David Benoit, Jon Anderson and Mike Oldfield, to name just a few. Tonight he shows us just what you can get out of just one drum and two cymbals.

The Works
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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
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