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Lee Chui-yee-A Beautiful Life (24 Jul 2004)


Lee Chui-yee is a Hong Kong cellist. At 2004, he has won the first prize at the 3rd International Antonio Janigro Cello Competition held in Croatia. His musical journey began since his childhood. Born in the 70's to a musical family in Hong Kong, Lee Chui-yee started learning piano when he was four. At nine he began to play cello. His mother was a piano teacher and was particularly concerned about the musical education of her children. Just like any adolescents, the young Chui-yee was rebellious. At the beginning, he did not enjoy playing cello. At 18, he decided to give up music. He changed the course of his life completely and went to Harvard University in the United States to study economics. After graduation, Lee Chui-yee worked as a financial consultant. It was then he got a taste of the competition in the commercial world. It wasn't quite what he was looking for. Lost in the boredom of life, he found consolation in music again. In 1996, he made the second major decision in his life and stepped onto the stage once more. Now Lee Chui-yee is under the tutelage of the Swedish cellist Frans Helmerson at the Cologne Institute of music in Germany. In summer 2003, he joined a master class hosted by the famous cellists Bernard Greenhouse and Lluis Claret at the Abbaye de Fontfroid in France. This master class is to commemorate the legendary Spanish cellist Pablo Casals. With the guidance from these great masters, he acquired not only technicality, but also their unrelenting pursuit of music.

Young Chinese Musicians
Publish Date: 
Saturday, July 24, 2004
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