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Li Chuanyun- Exceeding My Horizons (17 Jul 2004)


Li, who was born in the coastal city of Qingdao in Northern China, is widely recognised as the youngest professional violinist in the world. Born to a musician family, his violin career began at three, when his parents taught him to play the stringed instrument at home. Li has been a winner since his early childhood. At five, he won his first championship at the Beijing Youth and Junior Violin Competition. At eleven, he received the top award at the Fifth Wieniawski International Youth Violin Competition, making himself the youngest winner in the competition's history. In 1993, being 13, Li made his debut at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. His performance of Paganini's 24 Caprices, which were branded the most challenging works, has proven to be a big success. He was granted a scholarship later to study serious music in the United States, during which he won another first prize in the Aspen Music Festival. Li is a smart boy who can memorise the whole song at a glance. His play of violin is remarked as perfect. He does not only dutifully play the recitals, he increases the level of difficulty in performing a monophony with two or even three strings. He is equally good at different methods such as staccato and sautille and deploys them freely in his performance of what is already a challenging composition. While almost everybody agrees that he is a talent, Li himself thinks otherwise. Li has won many good friends, notably the craftsman who repairs violin for him. From time to time, Li receives high-end violins given by people who admire his gifted abilities and appreciate his forthright character. Unlike most people in the serious music circles, who are famous for their bluntness, Li's playing features bold quality, which sometimes put him under attack of being ‘ untamed ’ . Li's story is one of a genius. His skill does not only bring about fortune, but also a memory in his life.

Young Chinese Musicians
Publish Date: 
Saturday, July 17, 2004
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