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Life Of Extreme (26 Oct 2005)


Without clear-cut seasons, Hong Kong, however, is neither too hot nor too cold. The Hong Kong Observatory has a well-run weather forecast system on coldness, hotness, fire danger and frost ’ s descent. On this earth, many people are surviving through extreme weather and struggling with it at every moment.1) Extremely hot--Vehicle drivers blast their horns incessantly on the streets of Bangkok. The temperature is so high inside the car. It is nearly 40 ℃ . A policeman in full uniform is directing traffic on the road. How does he cool down the heat? Near to the equator, Bangkok has an average temperature of 35 ℃ , or even up to 40 ℃ , throughout the year. How do the people working in such weather get used to the hotness? In Hong Kong, when the temperature hits 30, people must turn on the air-con. At over 40 ℃ in Bangkok, what do they do to relieve the hotness?2) Extremely cold--Mountain climber Chung Kin-man always wants to conquer the Himalayas. After years of training and failure, he finally achieved it. On the 8000-metre mountain top, he had to withstand the storm and the ?50 ℃ temperature. At that moment, Chung should think he was the strongest man in the world. No, he found that the humble carriers in little clothing who took his equipment uphill were the strongest. 3) Extremely humid--In February, the early springtime, the weather is foggy and humid and we would make use of advanced materials or de-humidifiers to fight humidity. Uncle Wong has been running a dried seafood shop for over 50 years. He only uses the most primitive method – the sunray – to preserve his valuable dried abalone and seafood. When the weather is dry, women would apply face cream to their face. But, there is a congenital disease called the 乾 枯 綜 合 症 which causes the patients ’ skin to become dry and stiff and their eye secretion to diminish. This disease may also lead to complications resulting in death. 4) About soup--Besides taking care of our skin to prepare for changes in weather, we can also rely on drinking soup to regulate our body. 5) About balancing--As we are getting slower in adapting ourselves to the changing weather, how we react to these changes becomes extreme. In fact, the weather has not gone extreme. But our mindset has.

Meteorology Series
Publish Date: 
Wednesday, October 26, 2005
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