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Low Birth Rate (07 Mar 2007)


The first episode of Wins On Marketing analysed the importance of 4Ps of marketing (a.k.a. 'marketing mix') (i.e. product, price, distribution channel and promotion) to an enterprise. This episode discusses in detail the significance of macroenvironmental factors on a firm, especially their impact on the marketing condition of small and medium-sized enterprises. Marketing guru Professor Philip Kotler proposes that to anticipate rapid changes in global condition, a market retailer should pay attention to six major macroenvironmental factors, namely, demographic, economic, natural, technological, political and cultural forces.The macroenvironmental factors cited by Kotler can bring about positive or negative impact on an enterprise. One of such examples is the unlimited opportunity brought by demographic change. For instance, while birth rate has been declining over the past few years in Hong Kong, the sales of products for babies or toddlers is still on the rise, since most parents, having only one or two children, are willing to spend money for their kids. This episode studies the cases of three small and medium-sized enterprises that are set up in response to the rise of small families. They include a company specialised in making 3-D models for babies, a piano training school running at a private residential area and a school teaching primary pupils to build robots. Their owners will talk about what have their firms done in response the changes in the macroenvironmental factors cited by Kotler. Meanwhile, this episode also features an interview with Mr Alfred CHOI, General Manager of Yahoo! Hong Kong, who will talk about opportunity brought by gender imparity to his company.

Wins on Marketing
Publish Date: 
Wednesday, March 7, 2007
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