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Medical blunder involving liver transplant patient Tang Kai-sze & HKTB's "Old Town Central" (13 May 2017)


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Our public hospitals are severely stretched. Lawmakers and watchdogs have long criticised the government for prioritising spending on infrastructure and capital projects over health care. The public health sector is short of staff and sinking due to overcrowding. The average consultation time for a public doctor’s appointment is now down to six minutes. And patient concern groups are saying that the recent high profile medical blunder in the treatment of liver transplant patient, Tang Kwai-sze, reveals just the tip of the iceberg. With me in the studio are legislator and doctor Kwok Ka-ki and Chiu Chun-ming, President of Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong. What do tourists want? A self-proclaimed “shopping paradise”? An equally self-proclaimed “Asia’s World City”? Natural wonders? Or maybe a little bit of cultural heritage? Or maybe not as the Hong Kong government seems increasingly careless over heritage preservation: The country parks are under threat of property development, and you’ll need to look hard in the cracks between the high rises to find any material reminders of Hong Kong’s cultural history. Despite that, the Tourism Board is inviting visitors to visit “Old Town Central”. They’d better hurry. There’ve been plenty of ups and downs in world politics this week. For now, France has said no to isolationism and racism and elected the centrist former banker Emmanuel Macron as president. South Korea’s new president is a left-leaning liberal and human rights lawyer Moon Jae-in. Meanwhile things continue to spiral in the USA, as President Donald Trump fired the FBI director James Comey, the man investigating his campaign for ties to Russia. And he did so partly on the advice of Attorney General Jeff Sessions who’d had to recuse himself from that same investigation due to a conflict of interest. Outrage has followed, as the White House struggles to get its story straight. Something we have less problem with at The Pulse, so in that spirit we’ll see you next week. Goodbye.

The Pulse
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Saturday, May 13, 2017
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