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Michael Tien leaving NPP, Mismanagement in Tin Ma Court & Brazilian meat ban (15 Apr 2017)


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Breaking up is hard to do. Just ask Michael Tien and Regina Ip. We talk to Tien his reasons for leaving New People's Party. Since it took over most of the commercial assets in Hong Kong’s public housing estates from the Housing Authority, The Link REIT has been Asia’s biggest REIT. It took in some HK$4,608 million in revenue just last year. Its decisions have sometimes been controversial, with small shopkeepers and caterers arguing that attempts to upgrade malls and markets have forced them out of business in favour of big chains and increased rents. But while many are not happy with what can happen when The Link is in charge, there can also be problems when it sells its less profitable properties. Since 2014, it has sold 28. For tenants of one, in Wong Tai Sin’s Tin Ma Shopping Centre, that has not brought improvements. "Meat Free Mondays” may be making inroads, but most Hongkongers are champion carnivores and proud of it. We’re also the biggest market for beef from Brazil, importing more than US$178 million worth last year. So it’s no surprise that the country’s recent food safety scandal, and the Hong Kong government’s temporary partial banning of Brazilian beef, has had plenty of reverberations.

The Pulse
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Saturday, April 15, 2017
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