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Microwave New Media Arts Festival; Digital Design Tournament 2007; Film Review - "Eastern Promises"; Graham Street Market Festival; Live in the Studio - The Lee Trio (13 Nov 2007)


The annual Microwave International New Media Arts Festival strives to bring the latest fusion of art and technology to Hong Kong to inspire both artists and the public. The theme of this year's 11th anniversary festival is "LUMINOUS ECHO". The aim is to display works that explore the relationship between sound and light through electronic media art. The Works talks to some of the creators whose work is on display. The Cut and Paste Digital Design Tournament 2007 is being held in eleven cities. It was held in Hong Kong, the 10th out of the 11, last Saturday. During the competition, designers create original works, in public, in 15 minutes, to the accompaniment of disco music. For the audience, it's a rare insight into the creative process. In David Cronenberg's "Eastern Promises" a young medical professional finds herself involved with the Russian mafia, after an underage girl dies in childbirth. Following on from "A History of Violence", it's Cronenberg's second gangster movie. He's better known for horror and science-fiction. But reviewer Gary Pollard tells us it still may not be for the squeamish. Running from the 3rd November for three weeks, the Graham Street Market Festival includes guided tours and food tastings, talks on the influences of the wet market on our popular culture and literature, workshops, street performances and other events. Organisers hope to get the government to rethink plans to redevelop the area. Among those supporting the campaign are artists, designers, activists, and residents. Finally, performing in our studio, The Lee Trio of Angela, Melinda, and Lisa, three sisters who hail from San Francisco, talk to us about how music runs in their family, and play us an excerpt from Astor Piazzolla's Otono Porteno.

The Works
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
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