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The Migrant Collective; Movie Review - "Bridge to Terabithia"; Author Diane Wei Liang; "No Chance in Hell Hotel" (05 Jun 2007)


At the Hong Kong Fringe Club the Sunday before our broadcast, a unique theatre group was telling the stories of some of Hong Kong's domestic helpers. Directed by Sarabeth Berman, who also co-produced with Thelma Unite, and with a script by Analyn Aryo, "The Migrant Collective" highlights the experiences and everyday trials of its performers. Katherine Paterson's novel "Bridge to Terabithia", published in 1977, was about two lonely children who use their imagination to create a magical kingdom that compensates for some of the problems they face in the real world. Now it's a movie, written and produced by Paterson's son David, for whom the original children's story was created. Reviewer Gary Pollard talks to us about it. Eighteen years ago, on June 4th 1989 soldiers and tanks drove protesters from Tiananmen Square. There are arguments over the exact number of those killed, but the different estimates range from hundreds, to over two thousand. More people went to the memorial candlelit vigil for the event this year, angered by recent comments from Ma Lik, leader of the DAB, that there was no Tiananmen Square massacre. In Hong Kong last week, author Diane Wei Liang talked to us of her memories. In our studio tonight are Kate Smith and Drew Fairley, actors from, and creators of, "No Chance in Hell Hotel" a comedy thriller. They give us a sample of their show, which they describe as a cross between "CSI" and "Fame"

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007
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