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Military involvement in Indonesian politics ; Controversial election in Taiwan (30 Mar 2004)


Indonesia is readying itself for its first direct election. People's dissatisfaction with the current regime has drawn out candidates who have ties with former regimes including a former army general. Analyst says there could be a return to repression as more power will be returned to the military. Bowing to public pressure and trying to avoid a constitutional crisis, Chen Shui-bian agrees to a vote recount and investigation into the assassination attempt after Taiwan's controversial election. Joseph Cheng Yu-shek (Chair Professor of Political Science, City UThailand's film industry is over a century old. But it is on a decline until lately. Movie directors talk about their films which have won international acclaim. Foreign movie producers talk about how Thai movie industry could improve. Reacting to a spurt of violence in schools, Dennis Wong Sing-wing (Director, Youth Studies Net) says 20% of students are victims of bullying but the government has done nothing to prevent it. Students talk about how they bully others. Cheng Yan-chee (Deputy Secretary, Education and Manpower Bureau) says bullying and violence in schools will not be tolerated. Introduces the "Harmonious School" programme. niversity of Hong Kong) says it is unlikely the recount will change the election result.

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Publish Date: 
Tuesday, March 30, 2004
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