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Ministers' Integrity; National Education (13 Jul 2012)


It’s less than two weeks than Chief Executive Leung Chung-ying’s cabinet was sworn in yet one minister, Development Secretary, Mak Chai-kwong, has already resigned and been arrested by the ICAC. Others are under investigation. It’s a further blow to already shaky public confidence in the integrity of some members of the new administration. This week in Legco, legislators bombarded ministers with questions about the integrity of Leung’s administration, including Director of Audit, David Sun who was involved in two audit negligence cases when he was the Chairman and Managing Partner of Ernst and Young Far East Area and Greater China.According to the Education Bureau, the subject of Moral and National Education should be implemented in primary schools in the 2012 to 2013 school year and secondary schools the following year. But new controversy arose this week over the handbook the “China Model - National Conditions Teaching Handbook”. This handbook was published by the National Education Services Centre, which is run by the pro-Beijing Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers.The federation was chosen by the Education Bureau after a tendering exercise, and receives an annual government subsidy of more than ten million dollars.The 34-page handbook focuses on the political system of China.On page 10, it describes China’s one-party government as “progressive, selfless and united”. It also says that’s unlike Western democratic countries like the United States, where different political parties fight with each other, which results in the suffering of the people. With us in the studio to discuss national education are Tanya Chan, vice-Chair of the Legco Education Panel, To Kar-hing the chairman of the Hong Kong Moral and National Education Teachers’ Association, and Heidi Ma from the students’ group, Scholarism. We did ask the Education Bureau to send a representative, but the bureau declined.

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Friday, July 13, 2012
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