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Mobile Art Exhibition; Film Review - "Dan in Real Life"; The Latin Jazz of Eddie Palmieri; Polynesian Music from Te Vaka (18 Mar 2008)


In Central, in a container designed by architect Zaha Hadid, a contemporary art exhibition with a difference is under way. Launched by Chanel, it's called Mobile Art, and will be travelling around the globe over the next two years. Artists and photographers such as Araki, Loris Cecchini and Michael Lim will present their work, alongside Yoko Ono ’ s interactive Wish Tree, where you can write down your desires on rice paper. After Hong Kong, the exhibition will move to Tokyo, before hitting New York, London, Moscow and Paris. Film Review: "Dan in Real Life" is directed and co-written by Peter Hedges, a novelist turned screenwriter. He wrote "What's Eating Gilbert Grape", and made his directing debut with the 2003 "Pieces of April", in which Katie Holmes discovered that it took a village to cook a thanksgiving turkey. In "Dan in Real Life" Steve Carell plays a widowed advice columnist who is raising three daughters and gets himself in an emotional tangle when he falls in love with his brother's new girlfriend. Here's Gary Pollard to tell us more. Eddie Palmieri's musical career spans 50 years as a bandleader of salsa and Latin jazz orchestras. He's made over 32 albums. He has been awarded nine Grammys, including the first presentation in the Best Latin Album category for his 1975 release The Sun of Latin Music, and the following year for Unfinished Masterpiece. Palo Pa' Rumba won in 1984, Solito in 1985 and La Verdad in 1987. He received two Grammys for his 2000 release with Tito Puente, Obra Maestra/Masterpiece. He ’ s appearing in the Hong Kong Arts Festival The name of the group "Te Vaka" literally means "The Canoe". Fusing traditional influences with modern flavours, Te Vaka's music is grounded in the rhythms of the Pacific. Adding to the cultural emphasis of the band are the group's four dancers, who research their own choreography, taking inspiration from all over the Pacific.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008
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