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Mobile Phones and Health; Junk Mobile Phone Advertising; World Cup Crazy (09 Jun 2006)


In the Legislative Council this week Dr Ho Chung-tai asked the government what it was doing in response to reports of a possible lnk between mobile phone repeaters and brain tumours. Five teaching staff of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology were diagnosed as suffering from brain tumour, suspected to have been caused by radiation from the mobile phone repeater on the roof of their office building. Some of us live in close proximity to such repeaters, and have little or no say in their installation. Yet so far the government has takens few steps. While on his recent trip to mainland China Chief Executive Donald Tsang was filmed getting a long distance junk phone call from Hong Kong. Most of us have had the same experience, but is anything being done to stop it? The World Cup is upon us, with the first match being played on the night of our show Hong Kong time. Many in Hong Kong are interested in the games. The TV stations are gearing up for the event. But do most people see it as a sport or a gambling opportunity?

The Pulse
Publish Date: 
Friday, June 9, 2006
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