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Monsters at home (27 Jun 2007)


'I've got two monsters at home,' Florence sighs. Six years ago, Florence left Hong Kong for Taiwan and got married with her Taiwanese boyfriend. Two years ago, Florence left Taiwan for Hong Kong with her two children for a better schooling environment. Now her younger son, Ka Ka, aged 3, is studying in a kindergarten. Florence, who is impatient, says it is most challenging to send her son to school. The young, stubborn boy does not like going to school. Every morning, his mother has to talk to him. Even if he finally agrees to leave home, he loses his temper during the journey. Florence, who works the night shift, finds it very exhausting. Ka Ka has linguistic problem and cannot express his feelings by words. He reveals his emotions by action. He is fond of hair-tearing, pulling, biting and bumping. His classmates have labeled him as an attacker. This summer, Florence brings her children back to Taiwan to meet their father. She and her husband have agreed that naughty Ka Ka be stayed with his father in Taiwan.

Parenting Documentary
Publish Date: 
Wednesday, June 27, 2007
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