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More controversy over the government's dealings with property interests - "The Link", the West Kowloon Cultural Development, and Hung Hom Peninsula; Catering Industry complains about sewage charges (10 Dec 2004)


On Monday the Court of First Instance will decide whether to accept an application for judicial review over the stockmarket listing of the Link Real Estate Investment Trust. A delay could cost investors millions of dollars in interest. The government's PR machine on the West Kowloon Cultural Development goes into overdrive,. All this week most of the papers have been printing articles from administration officials defending the plan to hand the entire West Kowloon Cultural Development project to one developer. The saga of Hung Hom's "disposable skyscrapers" continues. Just an hour before we go to air the developers announce they're not going to tear them down after all. Legislator Ronny Tong and Yu Kam-hung of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors discuss the legal complexities involved. And a motion from catering representative Tommy Cheung asks for a review of trade effluent surcharge as applied to the catering industry. He says it's too heavy a burden and wants it reduced, or at least applied fairly.

A Week in politics
Publish Date: 
Friday, December 10, 2004
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