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Movies on the Mind - Cinema and Psychoanalysis; Hong Kong Fringe - City Festival; Movie Review - "Madagascar - Escape to Africa"; Jean Anouilh's "The Lark"; Poppy Roe and Warren Wills on "Marilyn and (06 Jan 2009)


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Cinema and psychoanalysis were born around the same time. In 1895, the Lumiere brothers showed their first film in a French cafe. That same year Sigmund Freud and Joseph Breuer published "Studies in Hysteria" and laid the cornerstone of psychoanalysis. "Movies on the Mind – Psychology and Film since Sigmund Freud" is an exhibition and a series of movie screenings that deals with the relationship between film and Freudian psychology. Running from this Thursday until the 24th January, the Fringe Club's City Festival will be featuring cabaret, dance, music, theatre, exhibitions and seminars. In our studio today to tell us more about the festival is the club's artistic director Benny Chia. In the 2005 animated movie "Madagascar" a group of zoo animals from New York ended up in the country of the title after being shipwrecked on the way back to Africa. In "Madagascar – Escape 2 Africa" they make it the rest of the way, although they are actually trying to get back "home" to New York. Reviewer Gary Pollard is in our studio to tell us more. The girl who was destined to be known as Joan of Arc began life as a peasant, but claimed she had visions from God that told her to free her homeland from English domination. She became a political, nationalist, and religious icon. She's also something of an enigma, whose life and character have been examined in countless plays, books, and movies. Students of the Academy for Performing Arts, and the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre are joining forces to perform Jean Anouilh ’ s "The Lark" in a Cantonese version, from the day after our show until January 22nd. Although known primarily as a comedienne and a sex bomb, Marilyn Monroe also took on serious roles. She had aspirations to go even further, to appear in Shakespeare. Warren Wills and Poppy Roe are appearing at the Fringe Club in "Marilyn and Will" which looks at how Marilyn might have approached the role of Shakespeare's equally tragic Ophelia.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009
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