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Moving the Society towards Exercising (09 Aug 2007)


Physical exercise provides enormous health benefits. In a bid to promote fitness citywide, a far-reaching and sustainable sport culture should be developed. Citizens of different age bands should be encouraged to take part in physical activities, which is not only good for both physical and psychological health, but also conducive to unity of the community. Aunt Yuen, now 80, has joined a weekly exercise programme designed for the elderly. Affected by Yuen's determination, her friends have become aware of the importance of building fitness by doing physical exercise. Meanwhile, Yuet-ling, a 12-year-old girl, aspires to represent her school with her partner Chong-hei in a dancing competition. During her training, she has acquired interpersonal skills and realized the importance of sportsmanship. Besides their participation in citywide sports activities, local associations of basketball, handball and soccer also organize regional competitions for residents of different ages. Outstanding players will be invited to join youth team that may represent Hong Kong in international tournaments. These types of regional sports activities can help enhance unity among residents. For example, cohesiveness among people from Tai Po is shown during the Tai Po Football Club's appearance in a Division A football match.There is no age limit for doing exercise. Even for the aged people, if they will, they can still do some exercise. And Tai-chi, supposedly for the aged, is equally suitable for children.

Glamour of Sports
Publish Date: 
Thursday, August 9, 2007
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