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Mui Cheuk-yin and Lee Chun-chow - "Dancing Blue"; Artists in Business; Film Review: "Ratatouille"; John Kaizan Neptune (shakuhachi) and Sawako Fukuhara (koto) (07 Aug 2007)


"Dancing Blue" is an originalcrossover production by two local performers: choreographer Mui Cheuk-yin from the dance field, and Lee Chun-chow from the theatre theatre. The dance is focused on multi-faceted interpretations of "blue". Business isn't something we talk about a lot on The Works, but not every artist or creative individual aspires to starve in an attic. Those artists who do prefer to eat and pay the rent need their work to reach the public. To make sure that happens, some have become entrepreneurs. We speak to four of them. In movies, "Ratatouille" is about a rat called Remy who wants to be a great chef. The problem is that not only are humans and rats hardly the best of friends, but also that rodents are the last things anyone wants to see around the average kitchen. "Ratatouille" is the latest computer-animated movie from Pixar. Gary Pollard's in the studio to review it. The shakuhachi is a traditional bamboo flute sometimes used for meditation. Legend has it that the instrument was introduced to Japan from China during the Edo period by a Zen priest. In the late 1960s, California-born surf enthusiast, John Neptune went to Hawaii for the waves and to study ethnomusicology. He began learning how to play the shakuhachi from a Japanese Buddhist priest in 1971. Two years later he went to Kyoto to further his studies. Last week he was in Hong Kong with koto player Sawako Fukuhara to perform at the Fringe Club. We spoke to the two musicians.

The Works
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Tuesday, August 7, 2007
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