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New Hurdle for HKTV, Former Consultant Jenny Ng, Anti Mainland Tourist Protests (14 Mar 2014)


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Perhaps one of the most surprising comments of the week, next to one from the Commissioner of Police, was attributed to a government official, who is said to have claimed: “We too want Ricky Wong to succeed”. Yet it’s hard to deny that one hurdle after another has popped up in his path. Meanwhile one ailing free TV station is supported, and others that have apparently done little to prepare themselves were handed licences, so what’s going on?. The government quoted a consultancy report in refusing that licence to Mr Wong in the first place. However, one of the report’s authors insisted the government misled the public over its intent. Jenny Ng is this person and has since lost her job. She is in the studio with us this week. This Sunday, a group of protesters will be suggesting that mainland tourists should head to Government House for its annual Open Day. It’s a spot, they say, that visitors should not miss while they are here. Of course, the group has its own motive. It’s one of the protest groups that wants to draw attention to the influx, which it says is excessive. 

The Pulse
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Friday, March 14, 2014
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