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Northeast New Territories Development; A Smooth Succession in Beijing? (28 Sep 2012)


It’s been an eventful summer, with not only the election of a new Legislative Council, but also intense confrontations over the issue of national education. There’s also been speculation about what’s going on behind the scenes in mainland China, particularly with regard to succession plans for the country’s top political posts. In Hong Kong though, over the past couple of weeks, confrontation over national education has given way to conflicts in the New Territories, not only over parallel goods traders in Sheung Shui, but also over the development of the New Territories. And Chief Secretary Carrie Lam said yesterday that somehow the issue of development took the government by surprise. We look at some of the disagreements.It’s been a case of having to read the runes as far as the issue of political succession in mainland China goes. There’s been speculation of internal power struggles going on behind the scenes. While China’s citizens have had little difficulty in finding out where to protest against Japan, they have at some points been unable to search on the internet for the name Xi Jinping or details of the next Party Congress, although there are reports that hotels around Tienanmen Square are fully booked by the state in October. The fall of Bo Xilai after his wife was accused of murder added to the speculation, as did the two week disappearance from view of Xi Jinping, Hu Jintao’s heir apparent. So what is going on there? With us in the studio are China watcher Sam Cheng and NPC member Peter Wong.

The Pulse
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Friday, September 28, 2012
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