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Olympic Cake (05 Jun 2008)


Producer   Chan Kwok KuenAmong the Beijing 2008 Olympic fervour, “ Olympic Cake ” has become a popular term in China. It means the economic benefits delivered by the Olympics to the enterprises and people in China. So, how big is this cake? Who can share a piece of it? Yuan Bin, the Head of BOCOG Marketing Development, said that the Olympic Games symbolize peace and friendship. It is an excellent brand among the world. Enterprises can enhance their branding image by sponsoring the Games. Economists also address that the enterprises can gain positive marketing effects from it.The official sponsors of the Games are indeed the direct sharers of the Olympic cake. Beijing Yanjing Beer Group Corporation, as a local enterprise who becomes an official sponsor is one example. It expects to enhance the position of the brand through sponsoring the Beijing Olympics. An exclusive supplier, Hong Kong Royal Furniture Holdings Limited, supplies the furniture in the Olympic Village, venues and the media centre. It also supplies the hundreds of seats for the heads of the states during the opening ceremony in the National Stadium.Apart from the promotion events during the Games, the official sponsors and suppliers also extend their business opportunities through the Olympics. Hong Kong Royal Furniture tries to increase their sales directly by bringing the Olympic furniture to the market. It seems that the "Olympic Cake" is bringing a long-term and diverse benefit to the enterprises.

Glamour of sports: Events capital
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Thursday, June 5, 2008
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