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One Family (as long as you're Chinese); Hong Kong's alien invaders; Susanna Cheung in Israel and Palestine (18 Feb 2005)


The Home Affairs Bureau has just completed its consultation on legislation against racial discrimination. It's ironic then that a new API, produced by the Home Affairs Department, which states Hong Kong people are one family, excludes every ethnic group but Chinese. Interviewees include Raj Tiwani of Unison Hong Kong, Rev. Li Kin-wah of Mission to New Arrivals, and Eman Villanueva of United Filipinos in HK. Studio Discussion: Stephen Fisher, the Acting Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs, answers questions on the proposed anti-racial discrimination legislation. Alien Invaders. Last year two Hong Kong University biologists published a book on the threat that non-local organisms can pose to Hong Kong's environment. The recent arrival of fire ants has brought this home to many. We look at the broader issue. Susanna Cheung Chui-yung, is a Hong Kong journalist who has been in Israel and Palestine covering the Israeli/Arab conflict and the recent elections. A recent cease-fire announcement suggests there may be some hope for peace between Israelis and Arabs. She talks to us about her experience there.

The Pulse
Publish Date: 
Friday, February 18, 2005
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