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Painted Scroll - "Along the River During the Qingming Festival"; Drama - "Myth of Archaeology Bird: The Vanished Wings"; Film Review - "Shrek 3"; Evans Chan on Pianist Margaret Leng Tan. (03 Jul 2007)


Through the rest of this month and up to August 11th, the Museum of Art is highlighting masterpieces of Chinese painting and calligraphy from the Jin, Tang, Song and Yuan dynasties. All are from Beijing's Palace Museum. There'll be 32 works on display, and they're being presented in two batches. The centrepiece of the first batch is a scroll that depicts a bustling Chinese city. "Along the River During the Qingming Festival", painted by Zhang Zeduan, depicts in great detail the economy, culture, and customs of the Northern Song dynasty almost a thousand years ago. "Myth of Archaeology Bird: The Vanished Wings" is a follow-up version to On and On Theatre's 1997 play of the same title. That pproduction examined Hong Kong's identity through the symbol of a mythical bird that had lost its home, a bird welcomed by no one, which had to keep flying until it could find a home or until it died. 10 years on, the new version reflects on Hong Kong's changes in identity. "Shrek" was a computer-animated movie that took a witty and subversive look at the world of the fairy tale, with more than a few nods to contemporary pop culture thrown in. "Shrek 2" focused more on human relationships, not least the problem of living with in-laws. Some liked it more than the first. But now "Shrek 3" is with us, and reviewer Gary Pollard found it a considerable disappointment. In the mid-1980s Hong Kong filmmaker Evans Chan was impressed by a videotaped interview with American composer, John Cage. Later, in 1988, he saw a recital by New York based pianist, Margaret Leng Tan, a protege of the composer. He struck up a friendship with her. That led to the 10-year long process of making the documentary "Sorceress of The New Piano – The Artistry of Margaret Leng Tan".

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007
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