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Photographing Shaolin Kung Fu; Film Review: "Beowulf"; Subversive Art from the Microwave New Media Arts Festival; Artists Supporting Operation Santa Claus (20 Nov 2007)


Thanks to movies, television, and even stage shows, most of the world knows about Shaolin kung fu, even though few have seen the real thing. One photographer, Justin Guariglia, has had the rare opportunity to capture genuine Shaolin monks practising their discipline. We spoke to Justin, and his wife and collaborator Zoe Chen, about the project. At local cinemas this week is one of the oldest tales in English literature, brought to the screen by director Robert Zemeckis. It's "Beowulf", the story of the hero who kills the monster Grendel and becomes king, only to find himself facing another formidable creature many years later. One major difference in this version though is that Zemeckis has used motion-capture technology, and 3D computer animation, to create the mythical world. Gary Pollard tells us about it. In our previous show we introduced some of the artists taking part in the Microwave International New Media Arts Festival. Well, more artists arrived after last week's show. Some of them are activists who believe that the new media that dominates so many of our lives so much, can also be used for pretty subversive ends. Last week, RTHK's Radio 3 and the South China Morning Post launched this year's Operation Santa Claus charity drive. The campaign's raising money for 18 charities this time. Among the performers on hand to help with the launch were jazz guitarist Eugene Pao and his band, face-changing opera performer Lam Kwo, the Kassia Youth Choir, and "The Phantom of the Opera" himself, Tom Griffiths.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007
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