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[Political parties view on "give-away budget"] [videorecording] (02 Mar 2008)


<p>Did the Financial Secretary John Tsang give away too much money in 2007-08 budget? He has to do many things, such as cutting taxes, giving tax rebates to people, giving $1800 to every household, putting $6000 into low-income people&#39;s MPF accounts, putting $50 billion as seed money into a health plan. Is that really helping the poverties? And how do government best spend the money that belongs to the public? Also if we don&#39;t agree to have sales tax, what is the solution of widening the tax base? Today we have Albert Ho (the Chairman of Democratic Party) and Choy So-yuk (the Legislator of DAB Party) to discuss the above issues.</p>

Publish Date: 
Sunday, March 2, 2008
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