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[The poor-rich gap in Hong Kong] (03 Oct 2010)


<p>The program would discuss the issue of poor-rich gap in Hong Kong with Ms. Kalina Tsang (Hong Kong program manager from Oxfam Hong Kong) and Ms. Christine Fang (The Chief Executive from Hong Kong Council of Social Service). According to the research which studied by Oxfam Hong Kong, the number of working poor people cannot support their family has jumped a lot because of underpaid without any salary increase. This study shows that the trickle-down economy is not working, and the childcare, transport and other subsidies given by government are limited. They think that there should have social protection flaw which not just by cash but also the provision of services. Furthermore, they would list out some issues which they want to hear from the Chief Executive in the coming policy address. For instance, the property protection for an aging population, issue of working poor, income support policy, and transport support scheme</p>

Publish Date: 
Sunday, October 3, 2010
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