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Power Charge Increases, Frederick Fung - Running for Chief Executive; "The World in 2012"; Military Relics (16 Dec 2011)


This week Hong Kong’s power companies proposed new tariffs.CLP wants a 9.2% increase.Hong Kong Electric, 6.3%.It’s the biggest increase in the past 15 years. Lawmakers accused the companies of a lack of social responsibility in insisting on earning the maximum 9.99% permitted rate of return. By the time our programme went to air, HK Electric had reconsidered, but CLP was still sticking to its guns.;;Last week The Pulse examined mainland “participation” in Hong Kong’s political scene. Despite the evidence of that, hope springs eternal in the human breast, and two pro-Democrat candidates are currently considering running for the post of Chief Executive. We spoke to one of them, Albert Ho, a few weeks ago. Today the other pro-Democrat contender Frederick Fung is in the studio with us. ;;With just a few weeks left to go, 2011 hasn’t exactly been the most cheerful of years, but what of 2012? Each year, The Economist magazine asks prominent individuals form the worlds of business, politics and beyond, as well as its own journalists to do a little crystal ball gazing.Last Thursday, for the third year in Hong Kong, the magazine arranged a gala dinner “The World in 2012” hosted by its executive editor Robert Franklin, at which guests made their predictions for the coming twelve months. The Pulse was there.;;In the midst of controversies about the threatened or actual demolition of Hong Kong’s historical landmarks, there’s been much emphasis on collective memory in recent years. But what of the territory’s military past? Battlefield emplacements are hardly great architecture, but should they be preserved for historical reasons?;

The Pulse
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Friday, December 16, 2011
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