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Profile: Novelist Ian McEwan; Cultural Couples; Film Review: "There Will be Blood"; New York Philharmonic in Hong Kong (19 Feb 2008)


Ian McEwan is the British writer who wrote the novel upon which the Golden Globe winning movie "Atonement" is based. McEwan's works have earned him worldwide critical acclaim. He has been shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize for Fiction numerous times, winning the award for "Amsterdam" in 1998. He was in Hong Kong this week. Gary Pollard spoke to him about his work. With the Lantern Festival (15th Day of the Lunar New Year) coming up, and Valentine's Day just gone, we look at the HK Heritage Museum ’ s 1+1 Culture Couples Programme, which focuses on how arts can bring people together. One of the movies nominated for the Best Picture award in this weekend's Oscars is Paul Thomas Anderson ’ s "There Will be Blood". It's the story of oil man Daniel Plainview, and – as played by Daniel Day Lewis - it's fair to say he's not one of the cinema's most endearing characters. The movie's been compared to the great "Citizen Kane". It impressed our reviewer Gary Pollard enough for him to see it twice already. So what ’ s the attraction? The New York Philharmonic Orchestra is currently on an Asian Tour, and performed in Hong Kong for three days as part of the HK Arts Festival. The orchestra's heading off to Shanghai and Beijing after its Hong Kong shows, which will be something of a homecoming for two of its members.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
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