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Rational consumption, Emotional consumption and Experiential consumption (21 Mar 2007)


Case Study: Prof. Stella Lai Man SO (Department of Marketing, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)To satisfy their different kinds of needs and desires, consumers exhibit various modes of consumption, namely, rational consumption, emotional consumption and experiential consumption. The latter has gained in popularity recently. Consumers in the 21st century buy what they think is worth buying. The criteria they use vary according to individuals. Those who pursue a better quality of life often wish to possess luxury products that are unique and reflect their tastes. In this episode, we will first visit shops that sell high-class audio-visual equipment to see how they cater for high- and middle-income groups by promoting products of quality and individuality. In the second half of the programme, we will see how consumers, driven by environmental awareness, learn the importance of conservation through eco-tours, and how a young gardener sets up his own business to provide gardening and green services for schools.In this ever-changing environment, and with the various types of customers, small and medium enterprises have to make every endeavour to understand their customers, so that they can provide quality products and services, and prosper.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
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