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Reactions to the Report on the Public Consultation on Constitutional Development (14 Dec 2007)


On Wednesday morning Chief Executive Executive Donald Tsang announced that he had submitted to Beijing his Report on the Public Consultation on Constitutional Development. In a televised speech he acknowledged that there is general expectation within the community that the electoral system of the HKSAR can be further democratised and that universal suffrage should be attained as early as possible in accordance with the Basic Law. While he added that opinion polls revealed more than half the public wanted universal suffrage for the Chief Executive election in 2012, he also said a 2017 date "would stand a better chance of being accepted by the majority in our community". He mentioned that a consensus had begun to emerge on implementing universal suffrage for the Chief Executive first, to be followed by universal suffrage for the Legislative Council election. Finally, he stated that a timetable for universal suffrage could help, although he did not himself set one. The report has gone to the NPCSC for discussion. Responses were pretty much divided on party lines. In our studio, Alan Leong of the Civic Party, Miriam Lau of the Liberal Party, and Greg So of the DAB, discuss the report and its implications

The Pulse
Publish Date: 
Friday, December 14, 2007
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