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Reasons for Exercise (23 Aug 2007)


Most people in Hong Kong are well informed of the benefits of physical exercise, but few of them have ever thought of doing some daily. According to Dr Julian CHANG, Hon Medical Advisor of Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, lack of exercise can cause certain illnesses. This episode talks about the benefit of physical exercise and the correct way to do it. A research conducted by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University finds that old people who practice Tai Chi are less susceptible to falling. Ben WONG, a Tai Chi trainer who has been practicing it for over 30 years, believes that the traditional Chinese exercise programme can strengthen muscles of the legs, enabling one to walk with steady steps. After a discussion on physical benefits of exercise for the elderly, the episode proceeds with an interview with WONG Tsan, the spokesperson of a fencing school, who talks about how the sport can help children improve hand-eye coordination. Of course, one needs to know the correct way to do exercise in order to get the benefits from it. To that end, this episode also features a session on injury prevention.

Glamour of Sports
Publish Date: 
Thursday, August 23, 2007
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