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Relics of the Roman Empire; Film Review - "Wall-E"; Artist Navin Rawanchaikul and "The Navin Party"; Studio Performance Samson Young and Olivia de Prato (Violin, Video, and Electronics) (29 Jul 2008)


Late in the morning on 24th August, A.D. 79 Mount Vesuvius erupted. Within hours it had blanketed the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum in ash, stones, and pumice. Few could escape. Beneath the ash, much of the area was preserved for centuries, as were grotesque memories of the dead. Other, less well-known settlements, like the nearby villas at Stabiae were also affected by that eruption. At the Museum of Art, the exhibition "Otium Ludens, Leisure and Play Ancient Relics of the Roman Empire", features 170 artefacts from several seaside villas in Stabiae. About 700 years from now, the human race has polluted the Earth so badly and created so much rubbish that it's no longer a fit place to live. Its people have taken to the stars in a kind of outer space cruise liner, leaving a group of trash-compacting robots to clean up the Earth. They robots have all fallen into disrepair, except one, "Wall-E", who continues his work, accompanied only by a friendly cockroach. He's the hero of the latest computer-animated movie from Disney and Pixar. Gary Pollard reviews it. Last year, armed with bags of his own little red book, "Quotations From Comrade Navin", and a cardboard sign saying, "Who is Navin?", Indian-Thai artist Navin Rawanchaikul introduced people on the streets of Beijing to the "Navin Party". He has also investigated his own Hindu-Punjab ancestral roots in the Bollywood-style video "Navins of Bollywood". The projects are created under the umbrella of the "Navin Party", an artistic entity he created two years ago. Finally, in our studio Samson Young and Olivia de Prato perform a piece, composed by Sampson, for violin, video, and electronics.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008
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