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Road of Innovation (02 Mar 2003)


It is never easy for small and medium enterprises in Hong Kong to develop hi-tech industry. For them to gain success, innovation in market is as important as innovation in technology. Internet started to become popular in 1999. To the general public, Internet is a new way of searching for information or just a new kind of fun. Yet, Brian and Jackie regarded it as an opportunity for product development.They believed the future would be a world of Internet. Based on such belief, they devised an attendance system with embedded server which was operated through the Internet. While concentrating on developing technology, they had overlooked the importance of market promotion. It was not until they met Keith, who was engaged in market promotion, that they began to launch their product successfully to the international market. Academics would make analysis on how small and medium enterprises could bring innovations to the market and compete with their potential rivals.

Publish Date: 
Sunday, March 2, 2003
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