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Salif Keita; Radio Drama for Students; Arts Diary; Film Review: "Firewall" (28 Feb 2006)


Salif Keita, who performed in Hong Kong last week, is applauded by audiences all around the world, but as a child he was very much a loner. Salif Keita is a direct descendant of Sundiata Keita, the Mandinka warrior king who founded the Malian empire more than 600 years ago. But he was isolated from his community by the colour of his skin, which was thought to bring bad luck. He further alienated himself from his family by choosing music (traditionally a low-caste occupation) for his career. During rehearsals he talks to us about his youth, his music, and his optimism for the future of Africa. RTHK and Swire have been running a competition to give students the chance to try radio drama. The competition involved coming up with a concept, writing a 15-minute radio drama, and - last Saturday - performing it live at RTHK's studio. Fifty schools entered the competition. Five reached the finals. The Form Three and Form Four students have been working on the project since last July, attending workshops on script-writing and broadcasting techniques, and learning how to use audio effects to create a picture in sound. In our Arts Diary we look at ceramics focusing on the subject of breasts, and an exhibition of paper cuts from Fo Shan in China, and from Switzerland. And Gary Pollard tells us that even though Harrison Ford's new movie "Firewall" is about I.T. crime, its story is far from cutting edge.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
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