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School kids on Early Vacation; A Wind Farm in Sai Kung?; Compulsory Sale of Old Buildings (26 Jun 2009)


Thanks to the H1N1 flu virus Hong Kong ’ s schoolchildren are taking an early summer break. Some though are still turning up at school premises, or studying one way or another, both for their own sake and that of their parents. With talk of global warming dominating headlines on a regular basis, many of us would like to see more environmentally-friendly ways of generating power. A new proposal to set up a wind farm in Sai Kung could hel, but it's leaving some people far from happy. The government is planning to change rules on the compulsory sale of old buildings, and some owners say this provides another unfair boon to the developers. In the past, if owners of 90% of the building want to sell, the owners of the other 10% are forced to follow suit. Now the government wants to reduce that stipulation to 80%.

The Pulse
Publish Date: 
Friday, June 26, 2009
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