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"The Screening"; Container Art; Film Review: "What Happens in Vegas"; Watoto Children's Choir (13 May 2008)


An event, a film, and an exhibition, "The Screening" is a 24-minute long artwork by French artist, Ariane Michel. The project was first presented at last year's Basel Art Fair. There, more than a hundred people signed up to watch a screening in the middle of the woods at night. The video on display showed allowed them to experience themselves, and "The Screening" from the point of view of the wood's creatures. At the Agnes b. Librairie Galerie in Wan Chai until 9th August, there's a chance to experience a recreation of that event. Hong Kong has been one of the busiest container ports in the world for many years, and was in fact the busiest for some of those years. Containers from here are shipped all around the globe. One local project, aims to ship a little taste of Hong Kong ’ s art with them, as 38 artists created their own facades for the containers. "What Happens in Vegas", the movie, is that two New Yorkers, very unalike in character, decide to vacation there and drown their sorrows. Jack Fuller (played by Ashton Kutcher) is a slacker. Cameron Diaz is Joy McNally, a somewhat driven stock trader, who flies there to recover after her fiance breaks up with her. The two meet, get drunk, get married, and wake up in the morning realising their mistake. You might think that would be easy enough to fix. Get an annulment. And that's what they plan to do, but then fate – or chance – steps in. Gary Pollard tells us more. From the beginning of May, a choir has been touring Hong Kong, appearing in many schools and churches. They left Hong Kong today for Seoul in Korea and will still be touring the region until September. The group is the Watoto Children's Choir from Uganda, which is not only bringing the world its songs but also raising money for the Watoto orphanage, which cares for children left orphaned by HIV/AIDS, like the children in the choir themselves.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
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