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Sha Tin to Central Link Scandal: discussion with Miriam Lau & the plight of Green Sea Turtles (16 Jun 2018)


-- Due to copyright restriction, no online video is available for this episode. -- Late on Thursday night the government got its way as legislators, by 40 to 20 votes, gave the green light to a border checkpoint that will see mainland laws enforced in the heart of Hong Kong at the West Kowloon Express Rail terminus. A variety of … let’s say “interesting” … tactics had been used including evicting legislators, refusing to let them attend the following meeting (in apparent contravention of Legco rules), capping debate time, and barring some lawmakers from speaking, But that’s far from the only controversy that infrastructural projects like the Express Rail Link, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge, and the Sha Tin to Central Link have been facing. There’s also the issue of construction inadequacies, as in the case of Hong Kong’s most expensive internal rail project to date, the HK$97 billion 17-kilometre Sha Tin to Central Link. With us to discuss the issue is Miriam Lau, former chairman of Legco's Panel on Transport. Two years ago, the University of Hong Kong released the first comprehensive study on Hong Kong’s marine biodiversity. It revealed that 5,943 marine species have been found within an area of just about 1,651 square kilometres. That’s not a huge area, but it hosts more than a quarter of all the marine species recorded in China. We have more hard corals than the whole Caribbean Sea, and more mangrove tree species than East Africa. Despite that less than 2% of our marine area is designated as marine parks, and even that designation provides only limited protection. And one of the creatures at risk, thanks to encroachment on the sea and plastic pollution, is the Green Sea Turtle. Well, arguments over who has the biggest nuclear button, at least for now, on Tuesday, the U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un met in Singapore. The two leaders were all smiles, patting each other on the back while Mr Trump enjoined photographers to make them “look nice and handsome and thin.” They issued a statement that they plan to work towards the “denuclearisation” of Pyongyang, although no timetable was given. Meanwhile Mr Trump agreed to U.S-South Korea joint military exercises.

The Pulse
Publish Date: 
Saturday, June 16, 2018
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