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[Should James Tien have said what he said?] (09 Nov 2014)


This program would discuss Mr. James Tien's resignation from CPPCC and occupation movement with Ms. Selina Chow (Chairman of Liberal Party). First of all, James Tien was asked to leave from the CPPCC and the reason was that he suggested C.Y. Leung consider resigning. Does Ms. Chow dare speak her mind as a member of the CPPCC? In part 2, Selina will answer the following questions: Does she believe that foreign forces are involved in the civil disobedience movement? Where the Liberal Party now stands? pro-business, pro-establishment, or pro-government? The civil disobedience movement has been 40 days over, is it time to clear the occupied areas? Will the Liberal Party going to get a sympathy vote in 2016?

Publish Date: 
Sunday, November 9, 2014
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