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Singapore - Christine's Dream Voyage (15 Nov 2007)


Dreams of owning a house; dreams of living better; dreams of... In the end, dreams do come true. Christine set off with the common and practical dreams of a public-estate youngster on her journey to a country, Singapore, where 90% of the population have achieved their homeownership dreams. Two decades of living in a public estate and a youngster's once-blurred - or lack of -requirements towards living - Christine once strived to persuade her parents to respond to the government's Home Ownership Scheme and raise loans to purchase the 330-square-feet, 40-years-old house which she grew up in. However, her cool-headed parents simply said, "Not until we have spare cash to spend".Traveling abroad for the first time in her life, Christine was shocked at Singapore's incredible living environment - public houses with duplex designs, areas of living and dining rooms equivalent to that of her whole flat, grass areas in the courtyard several times the size of the cement floor, etc.To have a house of one's own is not only a basic requirement, but something that is very important. It turns out that people from other countries can actually live in this way!

Youth Travelogue
Publish Date: 
Thursday, November 15, 2007
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