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Singapore - "Creative Renaissance City"; Movie Review - "Blood Diamond"; Singer and Guitarist Paul Ponnudorai performs in the Studio (13 Feb 2007)


Like Hong Kong, Singapore is trying to develop its creative industries. The Renaissance City 2.0 initiative, currently under way, aims to build on the foundation of the original Renaissance City Blueprint. It's focus is on developing the human software to maximise the potential of the city's arts infrastructure. We talk to artists and government officials about the interrelationship between them. "Blood Diamond" is set in the middle of Sierra Leone's brutal civil war, in which the country's diamonds became the means by which both rebels and government bought the weapons they needed to keep killing their own countrymen. It stars Leonardo di Caprio, Jennifer Connelly, and Djimoun Hounsou, yet it also wants to teach us a lesson or two about the politics of at least one segment of the diamond industry. But how well do such Hollywood names, and such a conventional genre, mesh with the political message? With us in the studio is Gary Pollard. And, all the way from Singapore, playing for us in the studio, we have a man often described as a musician's musician, and as one of the finest singer-guitarists in the Asia-Pacific region: Paul Ponnudorai.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
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