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Single Parent Double Troubles (13 Jun 2007)


The Chik's family has two children. The elder one, called Chun-hei, is four-year-old now. He is a fan of sharks and loves to play with toy sharks. And he swims like a shark. But when he meets a real shark in the Ocean Park, he is nervous. Chun-hei's egocentric behaviour was discovered when he was two. His parents found that he was not willing to share with fellows. Playing with other children usually ended up in quarrelling. He ate slowly and it was not unusual that he was still enjoying his meal long after other people had finished theirs. To change their son's self-centered character, Chun-hei's parents decided to have another child, in the hope that he would learn to cope with others. Chun-hei did not welcome the idea. Instead, he was always at odd with his brother, disappointing his parents. When Chun-hei was enrolled in a kindergarten, again, he could not get along well with his classmates. His parents found it very exhausting to receive complaints from Chun-hei's teachers after a day of work. In 3P parenting programme, Mr. and Mrs. Chik are told to change their son's self-centered behaviour starting from his dining habit.

Parenting Documentary
Publish Date: 
Wednesday, June 13, 2007
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