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Skyrocketing Property Prices; Donald Tsang versus the Media (30 Oct 2009)


Over the past three days, legislators have been debating a motion of thanks on the Policy Address. Or rather, they were supposed to have been doing so. Much of the debate was taken up with the issue of soaring property prices, a subject on which the Address only momentarily touched. Another part of the Policy Address that's been much discussed, was the introduction of a cash voucher scheme to encourage the use of energy0efficient light bulbs. News media quickly revealed that his son's father-in-law was a distributor for one brand. More recently there were reports that Mr Tsang's sister-in-law had received preferential treatment in recovering part of her investment in Lehman minibonds. This week, Mr Tsang came out swinging, accusing "some media agencies" of a groundless smear campaign. But can politicians win by alienating the media? With us in the studio are veteran politician and commentator Allan Lee, and journalist and PR man Felix Poon.

The Pulse
Publish Date: 
Friday, October 30, 2009
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