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Smacked (03 Jan 2002)


Imagine how a child feels, wrapped in the loving arms of a parent, like a cocoon, bliss, in the hand of God. That's how people taking heroin describe their drug experience, a euphoric feeling, like coming home - safe at last, without pain. The heroin user's relapse rate is legendary - it's a hard drug to kick and help is hard to come by too. The few residential treatment centres offer hardline help through God - in Chinese only. Methodone clinics push maintenance - not abstinence, and yes you can detox in hospital - if you don't mind living in the psych ward. There is another alternative - and it's one many expats are taking. It's called rapid detox - providing a largely painfree detox over hours, instead of days. Using a drug implant mostly unknown here in Hong Kong, and, treatment is onboard, a boat. All that makes it just a bit controversial.

Pearl Report
Publish Date: 
Thursday, January 3, 2002
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