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[Is something better than nothing?] ; [Implications of "One Country, Two Systems"] (08 Mar 2015)


The 2nd round of the political reform consultation process has just finished. The pan-democratic camp considers the decision which was made by the NPC Standing Committee on the 31st of August last year, promised Hong Kong nothing but a fake democratic election. 23 pan-democratic legislators united and vowed to boycott the whole process and also to veto the final package. Some say that something is better than nothing. At least, there is a chance for ordinary voters are going to have a say and vote for the CE. Talking about "Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong, and the high degree of autonomy", Li Keqiang emphasis that is not only sticking to the Basic Law, but also applying the China's own constitution, so what are the implications of "One Country, Two Systems"? Mr. Alan Leong (Leader, Civic Party) had responded to the Premier's statement

Publish Date: 
Sunday, March 8, 2015
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