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South East Asia's tsunami disaster; A new crackdown? - discussion on the media in China; Retrospective - the year in HK's and the world's media (30 Dec 2004)


Had news of the potential effect of Boxing Day's tsunami been passed on quickly enough hundreds, or even thousands, might have survived. And in the aftermath, not only has news out of the disaster come slowly, it has sometimes concentrated more on tourists than on those worst affected by it. Report. A crackdown on intellectuals? There are increasing signs that China may be beginning to crack down on websites, journalists and intellectuals. Report followed by discussion with China analyst Willy Lam, and Bella Luk of Amnesty International Hong Kong. Retrospective - the year in the media. Discussion on the media year, 2004, with Chris Yeung of the South China Morning Post, and Danny Gittings of the Asian Wall Street Journal.

Media watch
Publish Date: 
Thursday, December 30, 2004
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